Benefits of LED Lighting


Benefits of LED Lighting

Compared to incandescent bulbs and all other light bulbs, LED lights are 95% energy efficient than all available lighting options put together. In term of longevity, the average LED light can last upward of 10 years without problems; meaning its pocket-friendly as well. And regarding our health and that of the environment, LED lights are more health friendly than all other types of light we use at home and in the offices. The following is a list of benefits of LED lighting that stand it apart from other types of lighting.
  1. Energy efficient. LED light converts 80 to 90 percent of received energy into lighting. This lack of wastage leads to better performance and less power consumption and less energy cost.
  2. Long lasting. Granted initial cost may be high, when valued over its lifespan at an average of 60,000 hours, it becomes cheaper than conventional lighting bulbs with only 1,500 hours life span. It’s 10 times long lasting as fluorescent bulbs and 133 times than incandescent.
  3. Safety. There is no risk of burn or fire as LED light produces only 3.4 Btu's/hour while incandescent produces 85; the low heat means healthy environment and happy home. Less heat also mean zero ultraviolet radiation that is damaging to our environment.
  4. Durable. Have you noticed your incandescent bulb damaged in freezing weather? That is one of many advantages of LED light over conventional bulbs. Durability also brings the benefit of conserving scarce financial resources.
  5. Better light focus. A focused light sees better than one that is dispersed that is why LED light could see better, take the example of your cell phone torch light. Where LED Light is used in a larger environment, more lumens mean better illumination as it is focused and not scattered.
  6. Withstand rough application. LED light is shock-tolerant, perfect for extreme use and abuse. For instant lighting and frequent switching on and off which may damage other light bulbs will not damage LED light bulb.
  7. Low voltage. LED Light is excellent even at low voltage where most conventional bulbs would not function. This is why Led light is ideal for the solar power system to conserve stored energy to last longer.
  8. Design flexibility. LED light can be used in any lighting application no matter the size or shape. It comes in different color, design, and shape to give you what you want without restriction. Find example again on your cell phone where different colors can come on for different phone functions from the same pilot indicator; it’s thanks to LED light.
  9. Best for the green energy revolution. It's toxic free, no offensive chemicals, it does not generate UV and no heat. Mostly, LED lights are ecologically friendly posing no danger from indoor use like incandescent bulbs.
  10. Saves money. Rising energy costs is driving many homes crazy. Statistics show that lighting energy consumption in the US stood around 145 billion KWh which account for 10% of total residential electricity consumption in 2015 according to US Energy information. This means LED lighting would cut down this figure substantially considering it is more energy efficient up to 90%.
If you are looking for an efficient form of alternative lighting for your home or businesses consider using LED lighting. Glowstone Lighting supplies and installs RGB LED lighting for year-round decorative lighting and seasonal Christmas lighting, contact us today for an estimate.

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