What is RGB Lighting


What is RGB Lighting?

RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue.  It is a dynamic light color system where the three primary colors produce over 16 million hues of light for a limitless possibility of shades of color of lights. For us to understand the RGB color system, there is need to understand light. Light gives meaning to most things in life; from the things we see, the color of our clothes, the people we see and able to describe are all possible because of light. Light is energy waves that when they come together are refer to as a spectrum. The lights we see are made up of colors, but the wavelengths of light are not colored, but the sensation of color. The light that is visible to our eyes are called spectrum and at the end of each spectrum is short wavelength called blue and at the far end of the spectrum is another wavelength called red, while every other light we see along the spectrum is between blue and red. Outside the limit of each spectrum are short wavelengths of UV light and X-rays, infrared radiation and radio waves that are not human eye visible. It should be noted that all colors are possible, but not all colors can be seen because some colors fall outside the zone of RGB.

Understanding the color potential of LED from RGB Lighting

LED Lights using the RGB lighting system means the LED light has the higher capability for producing wide ranging light colors giving the possibility of the RGB to produce more colors than is possible with other lighting systems.

RGB LED Light application

The variable light production capability of the LED light is made possible with the RGB lighting system where the combination of red, blue and green could produce different color depending on the angle of the wavelength of the spectrum. This possibility makes LED light useful in the application of multicolor light used for various occasion and in the entertainment industry. Depending on the sophistication of the built-in lighting controller, RGB LED Light can produce more than 16 million color variants beyond the wildest imagination of anyone. RGB LED products contain the primary colors of red, green and blue but they have the potential as explained above to produce other colors with combinations of the basic RGB. The RGB LED light application is already around used in Smartphone pilot light where the same light could change its color according to the action taking place. For instance, when a battery is low, it indicates an amber color to show low battery, when it’s critical, it could change to red, and when the battery is fully charged, it becomes green. It could go silver-white when another event is happening like an incoming call. RGB Lighting in combination with LED light are revolutionizing the lighting application in modern hi-tech industry, and the application is present on the cars we drive to musical gadgets in our homes as well as cell phones we carry. The interesting side is that it has overcome the size limitation as any equipment, no matter the size can be RGB LED light powered!

Glowstone RGB LED Lighting

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