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GlowStone Lighting Hamilton-Niagara provides premium professional worry-free permanent outdoor lighting solutions in Hamilton and Niagara area.

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Love Coming Home to the family and the house lit up with permanent outdoor lights by GlowStone Lighting

Try the lights. See how they work.

With the permanent lighting system from GlowStone Lighting Hamilton-Niagara, there’s no need to buy pot/architectural lights or holiday lights, and you’ll never have to climb a ladder again. Set the lights the way you want, in just a few clicks. Tailor the ambiance for any event—from Christmas to Halloween or your birthday celebration—or simply enjoy the inviting warmth of soft white every evening.

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Why People Choose Permanent Outdoor Lighting

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I don’t have to climb the ladder again!

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I’m more comfortable travelling knowing my home is well lit.


Making them twinkle is as easy as turning on a light switch.

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I love how inviting my home feels!

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I love seeing how happy the lights make my wife feel.

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We are the envy of our neighbourhood!

3 Reasons to Get GlowStone Lights

Permanent Outdoor Lights, installed by GlowStone Lighting Hamilton/Niagara, are placed inside an aluminum track and affixed permanently to the soffit of your home. Controlled by your smartphone, these programmable LED lights will make your life a lot easier, allowing you to spend more time doing what you love.

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Easy to Use

Easily set up your lights to create an inviting atmosphere for holidays and ordinary nights.

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No Maintenance

No more climbing ladders. No more sorting, storing or fixing your lights. 

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Rated for 20 years

Even when used every night for 6 hours, GlowStone lights are rated for more than 22 years of service.

How much do the Lights Cost?

The price of the Permanent Outdoor Lights depends on several factors such as the total linear footage of the system, the difficulty of the roof’s height, the number of corners and power jumps from roofline to roofline, the number of control panels required. Below are a few houses and the approximate cost, just to give you an idea. 

House with GlowStone Lighting Installed 03 big

A big complicated house with lights on the front, the back and the sides. Has significant number of corners, jumps and data lines.


House with GlowStone Lighting Installed 02 common

Almost 195 ft of lights on the front only with an average number of corners and jumps.


House with GlowStone Lighting Installed 01 simple

A simple straightforward house with around 120 ft of lights on the front of the house.


Recent Installations
by GlowStone Lighting Hamilton/Niagara

Take a look at the recent Permanent Outdoor Lighting installations done by GlowStone Lighting Hamilton/Niagara and see how we’ve transformed homes with our stunning lighting installations​!

What People Love the Most about GlowStone Lighting Hamilton-Niagara

Our family loves the GlowStone Lights!! Thank you so much Colin and Jeremy for giving us a wonderful and bright Christmas this year!! My kids love the lights and love exploring the different themes and color options we have.


Ginny Kaushal

The lights are absolutely awesome and the brightest I’ve seen!


Aaron Micheal

So happy we finally did it! We had our Glowstone Lights installed about a month ago now and we love them. The entire process from start to finish was wonderful. Colin and Aaron are very quick to respond, full of knowledge and truly passionate about the product. If your considering GlowStine Lights, stop thinking about it and just do it!


Sarah Kaufmann

These lights are AMAZING!!!! Not only does it enhance and beautify AND make our 100 year old house look updated, as Jeremy also mentioned, it gives our house a personality of its own with every different colourful pattern we easily switch on it. The other main factor is how professional, personable, honest and ‘all round’ nice guys the GlowStone team including Colin, Jeremy, and Andrew were to our family, especially our excited young girls who now are just ecstatic about ALL the different themes of lighting effects we can do to change every season, every occasion, every day without any of us (mostly Dad) needing to hang anymore lights!! It’s great when you can feel comfortable with a business that can make you feel satisfied with a product and their company. Thank you again GlowStone team….


Andrij Hucal

Reliable Advanced Technologies

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All Connections are Soldered

Would you cut your TV cord into pieces to add a connector every 10 inches? Would that make your TV work better? Of course, not. 

This is exactly why GlowStone Lighting Hamilton-Niagara offers a permanent outdoor lighting system with a soldered connections. While installing such a product is more complicated for us, it is more reliable for you! 

Mechanical Connectors

No Mechanical Connectors

On average, a house with 150 feet of lights typically utilizes over 200 mechanical connectors that pose potential failure points, particularly for outdoor applications, but are still commonly used by most companies for its installation convenience.

Reliable Soldering by GlowStone Lighting

Reliable Soldering

At GlowStone Lighting Hamilton-Niagara, we provide an exceptionally reliable system. Not only are our connections soldered but also sealed to eliminate moisture and dust, ensuring the peace of mind you deserve.

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Best-in-Class Warranty​

At GlowStone Lighting Hamilton-Niagara, we stand firmly behind our permanent outdoor lighting system, which is why we offer a comprehensive 10-year warranty covering:

  1. LED lights, wires, controller box, and mobile app
  2. Soldering and other labor
  3. Customer support and annual check-ins

It’s all about ensuring your confidence in our product and providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, GlowStone lights are safe! Here are the reasons why:

  • Professional installation under the supervision of Journeyman Electrician. All of our installations are compliant with building codes.
  • Fireproof rating V-0 (excellent fire resistance)
  • Waterproof rating IP68 (guaranteed waterproof for their lifetime)
  • Temperature rated up to -55°C/-67°F 

Thanks to energy-efficient LED technology, the average house, with 150 feet of lights, consumes as little energy as two 75W light bulbs.

The LED lights that we use are rated for 50,000 Lumen hours. For example, if you are going to use permanent Christmas lights every day for 9 hours (for example from 6:30 pm till 3:30 am), they will last for 15 years. But when used for just 6 hours every night, lights could serve you for more than 22 years.

Permanent Christmas Lights are designed to remain installed throughout the year. These LED soffit lights serve a purpose beyond holidays as well. You can illuminate your house nightly with a lovely warm white pot light effect, enhancing both its aesthetic appeal and your sense of security.

The permanent outdoor lights available through GlowStone Lighting are designed for long-lasting use and requires the supervision of a journeyman electrician during installation. Professional installation entails a certain level of soldering expertise, comprehension of controller app interactions, and familiarity with the software we employ.

If you feel confident in handling these aspects, we extend an invitation for you to consider becoming a GlowStone Lighting dealer in your area.

Family enjoying the time together on the cozy night with the house lit by the GlowStone Lighting lighting system
“It is a quality product and we would definitely recommend it to anyone!”
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