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GlowStone Lighting provides premium professional worry-free permanent outdoor lighting solutions to ensure you Love Coming Home.

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Love Coming Home to the family and the house lit up with permanent outdoor lights by GlowStone Lighting
“I get compliments on my lights all the time!”
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Hallie Leavitt

The Product

What are Permanent Outdoor Lights?

Permanent Outdoor or Christmas Lights from GlowStone Lighting are more than just an exceptional option for regular Christmas lights; but a versatile everyday lighting solution for your home.

“Very professional and great service. Extremely happy.”
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Anjani Kumar

The Company

GlowStone Lighting

At GlowStone Lighting, our passion is in crafting a lighting experience that adds a special touch to every holiday, celebration, game night, as well as summer backyard gathering with your loved ones. In short, we want you to Love Coming Home to your GlowStone Lighting.

Enjoy the Best

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  • We come to you
  • We listen to you
  • We understand you

A friendly salesperson from GlowStone Lighting will always take the time to answer your questions and understand your needs. Only after that will they offer you a Free Custom Estimate.

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  • Soldered Connections
  • Reliable
  • Durable

We are always improving our product and are proud to offer the best lighting system in the industry. Over the last 8 years at GlowStone Lighting, we have tested and perfected our product and how it is installed.

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  • Custom Built
  • Quality over speed
  • Onboarding included

Each component of your system deserves our full attention. That is why our crews will take the time to ensure every part of your installation looks excellent under the supervision of Journeyman electrician.

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  • Lighting is covered
  • Hardware is covered
  • Software is covered

It’s all about the peace of mind that comes with our 3 to 10 year limited Warranties. In addition, this warranty is coupled with support and annual check-ins that are included in the price.

“It is a quality product and we would definitely recommend to anyone!”
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Joanna Lewis

The Purpose

Love Coming Home

This is the idea behind everything we do at GlowStone Lighting. In fact, we believe that everyone should Love Coming Home.

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