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Christmas Lights

The warm glow of these Christmas lights fills your heart with joy and brings endless cheer to your home not only through the season but throughout the year

Saint Patrick’s Day

Vibrant greens will fill your home with luck and laughter for St. Patrick’s Day. 

The brilliant reds and whites of these permanent lights ignite your patriotism and illuminate your home with the true north’s strong and free spirit for Canada Day. 

Create a spooky ambiance to welcome ghosts and ghouls with stunning permanent outdoor lighting that you can easily adjust and use all year round

Add your brightness to the Festival of Light with stunning permanent lights that could be easily adjusted and used all year round

Let the eternal glow of Hanukkah illuminate your home with hope and joy.

Lunar New Year

Usher in luck and prosperity with your glow.

A touch of magic to every birthday celebration. These lights could be easily adjusted in the app and used all year.

Sport Events

Shining bright in your team’s colours, lighting the way to victory!

Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Party

Showering our little one with love and light! Use lights to celebrate their birthdays as well.

Take your house out of darkness and feel safer all year round.

Family enjoying their lights

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