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Meet the DeWitts

The story of the DeWitts family for whom the Permanent Outdoor Lights transformed the outdoor decoration into a joyful experience, not a cause for quarrels.

Meet the DeWitts, a couple who simply adores the holidays. From Halloween to New Year’s Day, they love nothing more than to get into the spirit of things, decorating their home both inside and out. But while decking out the interior is a breeze, the exterior is a different story altogether.

Mr. DeWitt isn’t particularly fond of putting up lights and decorations, only to have to take them down again in a few weeks or months. He’d rather not go through the trouble and expense every year, preferring to keep things simple and understated. Mrs. DeWitt, on the other hand, has a different vision. She wants their home to look amazing, not just for Christmas, but for every holiday on the calendar.

They both want to Love Coming Home to a house that’s the envy of the neighbourhood, but it seemed like they could never quite find a solution that satisfied them both. That is, until they discovered GlowStone Lighting.

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The DeWitts are ready for every holiday or special occasion, whether it’s someone’s Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Halloween or even a Chinese New Year

With GlowStone permanent outdoor lights, the DeWitts were finally able to achieve the perfect lighting display they had always dreamed of. Their home became the star of every holiday, with stunning lights and decorations that left their neighbours in awe. But the best part? They could enjoy it every night of the year, not just during the holiday season.

GlowStone’s innovative lighting solutions allowed the DeWitts to create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere around their home, enhancing its curb appeal and making it feel warm and welcoming to all who visited. The subtle lighting was also a big hit with their friends and family, who appreciated the added safety and security that came with having a well-lit home.

Thanks to Permanent Outdoor Lights from GlowStone Lighting, the DeWitts could Love Coming Home every night of the year, knowing that their house was the envy of the neighbourhood and that they had achieved the perfect balance between elegance and practicality. They no longer had to worry about the hassle of putting up and taking down lights every year, or the expense of constantly replacing bulbs and other decorations.

Instead, they could simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful glow of their home, knowing that they had made the right choice with GlowStone Lighting. And as they looked out at their sparkling, twinkling house, they knew that they had found the perfect solution to their decorating dilemmas. With GlowStone, they had achieved the perfect balance between style, functionality, and ease of use, creating a home that they truly loved coming home to.

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