Permanent Christmas Lights

Permanent Christmas Lights create a captivating ambiance during Christmas and other holidays, celebrations, special occasions and even makes you feel more safe and secure.

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House lit up with permanent outdoor lights by GlowStone Lighting Hamilton/Niagara
“I get compliments on my lights all the time!”
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Hallie Leavitt

The Product

What are Permanent Christmas Lights? 

Permanent Christmas Lights, also known as Permanent Outdoor Lights are programmable outdoor LED lights that are placed inside the aluminum track and affixed permanently to your soffit.

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In the app, you can build custom palettes, colours, or patterns, allowing you to celebrate each holiday and special occasion.

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The track’s color seamlessly blends with your soffit, enabling you to relish the nighttime lights while they remain inconspicuous during the day.

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Thanks to LED technology, these lights are highly energy-efficient, resulting in a cost of just a few dollars per month when used daily.

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The permanent Christmas lights are designed to last for the next 15-20 years, illuminating each day and creating memorable holiday moments.

Frequently Asked Question

Are permanent holiday lights worth it?

If you love your house, don’t plan to move soon, enjoy lively celebrations, and want to always feel at home, you definitely should think about getting a permanent Christmas LED lighting system. 

“The Halloween kids really like them because I stream orange purple and green racing around the house.”
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Keith Orr

Love coming home

5 Exciting Ways to Use Permanent Christmas Lights

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1. The Season is the Reason

Permanent LED lights enhance the radiance of occasions like Christmas, Lunar New Year, Diwali, Ramadan, Hanukkah, and more, infusing a delightful festive essence through customizable colours and patterns.

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2. Every Holiday

Use the same permanent lights for Halloween, Easter, Independence Day or any other holiday throughout the year.

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3. Celebrations

Immerse your house into a magical atmosphere for birthday parties, baby showers, anniversaries, graduations and other celebrations.

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4. Sports

Display your team’s colours and show your support on game night.

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5. Safety

Feel more safe and secure every night of the year with a pleasant pot light effect around your home or to illuminate backyard gatherings with family and friends.

Sounds impressive?

Meet one of our friendly salespeople to address any inquiries you may have and receive your Free Custom Estimate.

“The lights are absolutely awesome and the brightest I’ve seen!”
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Aaron Micheal

Frequently Asked Question

Can permanent outdoor lights stay up all year?

Permanent Christmas Lights are designed to remain installed throughout the year. These LED soffit lights serve a purpose beyond holidays as well. You can illuminate your house nightly with a lovely warm white pot light effect, enhancing both its aesthetic appeal and your sense of security.

“So happy to know that my days of getting on the roof to hang holiday lights are over!”
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Mike Raymaakers

Peace of Mind

5 Reasons to Get Permanent Christmas Lights

Permanent LED Christmas lights are crafted to relieve you of at least one task from your extensive to-do list, allowing you to concentrate on what brings you the most joy: quality time with your family and friends during these festive occasions.

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Never climb the ladder to hang or take down lights again

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No more sorting, storing and fixing lights again

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Prepare for any special occasion with just a few simple clicks

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Feel more secure every night of the year

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Become the envy of your neighbourhood

Sounds good?

Meet one of our friendly salespeople to address any inquiries you may have and receive your Free Custom Estimate.

“It is a quality product and we would definitely recommend to anyone!”
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Joanna Lewis

Frequently Asked Question

How much do permanent Christmas lights cost?

Permanent Christmas lights typically cost a few thousand dollars. The pricing reflects, among other considerations, the total linear footage of the system, the difficulty of the roof’s height, the number of corners and power jumps from roofline to roofline and the number of control panels required.

Financing is available from as low as $60/month with 3 months NO payment, NO interest.

Get your Free Custom Quote and ask any questions you have during the Estimate Visit with our salesperson.

Frequently Asked Question

How long do permanent LED Christmas lights last?

The LED lights that we use are rated for 50,000 Lumen hours. For example, if you are going to use permanent Christmas lights every day for 9 hours (for example from 6:30 pm till 3:30 am), they will last for 15 years. But when used for just 6 hours every night, lights could serve you for more than 22 years.


What are the best Christmas lights? 

The best Christmas lights are Permanent Customizable Outdoor LED Lights because:

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LED lights don’t burn out as fast as traditional Christmas lights

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Once installed, these lights can last for more than 15-20 years

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Utilize these same lights for every holiday or special occasion

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You can change colours, pallets and patterns as often as you want

icon b no more boxes

You don’t have to look for a place in your garage to store the lights

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Never climb the ladder to hang lights again

“I never have to fix anything or put and take down lights again.”
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Keith Orr

Frequently Asked Question

How much power do LED Christmas lights use?

Thanks to the LED technology, permanent Christmas lights have minimal energy consumption. A family in Calgary, with 120 feet of track on their two-story house, reported that running their lights for 7 hours a day throughout a month resulted in just a $5.57 increase in their bill.

While the cost of running the lights can vary, most consumers tend to notice only a negligible impact.

“I love this product, best on the market”
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Leslie Moerschfelder

Frequently Asked Question

Can I install Permanent Christmas Lights myself?

The permanent Christmas lights available through GlowStone Lighting are designed for long-lasting use and requires the supervision of a journeyman electrician during installation. Professional installation entails a certain level of soldering expertise, comprehension of controller app interactions, and familiarity with the software we employ.

If you feel confident in handling these aspects, we extend an invitation for you to consider becoming a GlowStone Lighting dealer in your region.

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